2012-01-28 Charleston Boat Project b 2

  • We want members to use the shops not just for boat building. The skills of nearly anything you do have relevance to the skills necessary to build a boat.
  • The upper shop is now more easily accessible and will continue to have more small scale equipment and tools available.
  • The best time to arrange future use of the shop is by coming to the Center, Saturdays from 10 am – 2 pm. With more volunteers we will extend the hours.

clampsOur biggest projects have been making improvements on the physical space and the equipment at the Center. The next change is to add wood storage space on the west side of the building.

Pete working on the stairs before finishing the upstairs and the deck.
PeteStairsWe will later be looking for a grant to fund a building to the north of the existing center. This would be used for special projects including the need for controlled environments to apply fiberglass or varnish.

We have a well-equipped wood shop and probably all the metal working tools you would need for most projects.