2015-12-10 Charleston Boat Welcome 1

The boat building center’s budget comes from membership dues, grants, and donations of funds, equipment, tools, and boats.  All are important for the continued success of the center as well as for viable grant applications.  The Coos Bay Boat Building Center appreciates your support.

The Center is an Oregon Cultural Trust qualified non-profit. This allows a donor to recognize and report their contributions twice in their Oregon taxes and their overall donations for federal taxes. Any individual that has donated over the standard membership should consider getting double your contribution through a gift of the same amount to the Oregon Cultural Trust.

By December 31, 2016 give a gift to the OCT of the same amount as you have given to Oregon’s qualifying non – profits,* up to $500/individual, $1000/couples or $1,500 for corporations. Enter your OCT donation on your 2014 Oregon Taxes and get it back as a full tax credit. It is a virtual loan between the time you contribute to OCT and the time you process your 2014 Oregon taxes. All the OCT contributions influence the amount of money coming back to Coos County. Answer your questions or verify your other donations to Qualified Cultural Non Profits at

503 986-0088

Oregon Cultural Trust

775 Summer Street NE. # 200

Salem Oregon 97301-1280

*The Coos Bay Boat Building Center is a Qualified Cultural Non Profit

Tax Id # 38-3808939


We ask that volunteers use the time clock for hours to record hours donated. This is extremely important when applying for grants.


2013-09-01 Charleston Boat Project 2 2The Empire City, a 35’ classic schooner, was donated in 2014 to the Coos Bay Boat Building Center to be completed.  Before she can sail, two masts must be constructed and installed and sails made and rigged.  Once completed, the ship will be used to sail from the CBBBC to the city dock in downtown Coos Bay.  The center is now involved in a fundraising effort to fund this project. The Empire City is an ongoing project.

Want to participate? The best time to come to the Center is on Saturday from 10 am – 2 pm. With more volunteers we will extend the hours